Where is it possible to meet Beluga Whales? Many have asked us that question. So, here Distrita gives you Beluga Whale facts that you need. These are some of the most remarkable creatures in the sea. Especially the beluga whale babies is a sight. Their color of the skin is white-brown. Amazing creatures of the sea!

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The beluga whales or white whales is an Artic & sub-Arctic cetaceans. The majority of belugas live in the Arctic Ocean and the seas and coasts are North America, Russia & Greenland. Their worldwide population is thought to number around 150000.

Remarkable whales with white skin

They are migratory and the majority of groups spend the winter around the Arctic ice cap, when the sea ice melts in summer they move to warmer river estuaries and coastal areas.

Beluga whales have white skin that is adapted to its habitat in the Arctic ocean. Belugas are very social and playful mammals, chasing each other around for fun, spitting water at each other and humans, rubbing up against each other, calling to each other, making toys out of the objects they find in the water, and swimming up next to boats to check out the people riding inside.

These types of remarkable sea creatures have fantastic hearing and they can swim backward. Belugas are toothed whales but they never chew their foods. They swallow their prey. Belugas are very intelligent, very creative mammals & they love kids. Belugas are very sweet nature endangered mammals.

Here you can find Beluga Whales

Most of the Beluga whales in the world live in the Arctic Ocean as described above and its nearby seas in the Northern Hemisphere.

These types of whales are common to many regions of Alaska, as well as Russia, Canada, and Greenland. Beluga Whales are usually found in shallow coastal waters during the summer months, often in water barely deep enough to cover their bodies.

Have you seen a beluga whale? If so, you are lucky. They aren’t easy to spot.

Text and pictures contributed by: Asangi Jayaweera