Usually, most of our Amiga related articles are posted on our Amitopia Amiga Magazine website. But in this chase Distrita with its 1.2 million visitors should know what’s going at the game event Gamescom 2019 in Cologne, Germany. Here we wanted to share how the Amiga is still quite hot in the gaming world on August 20-24 2019. Read On to find out more about Amiga at this great gaming event.

Awesome Amiga Interest at Gamescom 2019 The Heart of Gaming event Gamescom with Amiga Love

Together with hundreds of gaming companies at one of the biggest gaming expo in Europe. Amiga companies such as Apollo Team, Amiga Future (Amiga magazine in paper), Hyperion Entertainment and New Amiga to name a few Amiga related companies. They met and teamed up to bring lots of positive Amiga love for hundreds of visitors coming to the event.

In 2019, Gamescom is the gaming event in Köln, Germany. It could be seen as E3 smaller cousin! Numerous events and congresses stand to bring together gaming enthusiasts from all over the world.

Together with the main focus of showing what modern gaming consoles and PCs can do. Classic Amiga machines from the late 1980’s and Nextgen Amiga machines with modern PowerPC CPU’s were presented quite heavily at this humongous event. It meant that thousands of people got to know that Amiga is still alive and kicking more than ever. Fantastic.

Thousands of people tested Classic and Nextgen Amiga computers at Gamescom 2019

After so many failures to bring the Amiga back. We think it is really special to see Amiga still having a grip on thousands of people across the globe. Our friends at Amitopia Amiga Magazine knows everything about this because of their popularity is increasing every month. Amiga popularity is various across the globe. While it is totally absent in countries such as Indonesia. Amiga lives on in Germany quite well. Also in countries such as Poland, France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Spain, this machine got some thousands of users too.

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On October 12th and 13th this year, Amiga 34 will be held in Neuss which is also in Germany. Also if you check out the New Amitopia Amiga Events Calendar. You can get all the info that you need about various Amiga Events across the globe. Here you also will notice how many Amiga events there are in Germany compared to in other countries.

Thousands of people at Gamescom 2019 could test and try out both classic Amigas and nextgen Amigas at the event. Trevor Dickinson says to Amitopia Amiga Magazine that it was a real success. Also, the pictures that he sent shows how many children tested and had fun playing games on both Classic and Nextgen Amigas at the Amiga stands at the event. It is really important for the platform survival that today’s teenagers get to know what Amiga is so they can bring the Amiga legacy forward.

Awesome Amiga Interest at Gamescom 2019

Next year it would be nice for Distrita team to visit this event and give you a full report. Let’s think about it!…


Source: Distrita Own Experience
Photo source: Trevor Dickinson