hair treatment with avocado
Now with the sun, the water from the beach or the pool, our hair is punished much. To try to mitigate these excesses can apply on hair homemade avocado mask, that will return the lost luster. To prepare the mask we mix these ingredients:

A ripe avocado
  One egg yolk
  One tablespoon of olive oil
Steps to follow:
Mix the ingredients in a bowl until a smooth paste. Previously we wet the hair with a little warm water.
  Helping with fingers scatter the mixture all over the scalp and hair.
  Massaged well for the product to penetrate.
Once spread the mixture well with plastic cover our head (and we heat with a hair dryer) or wrap in a warm towel. This will take effect faster and penetrate better.
  We leave it on for 20 or 30 minutes.
  We clarify and wash thoroughly with shampoo.
  Then apply a conditioner and rinse again.
  If the root is best to apply the mask fat from the middle to the ends.

How often should you apply?
It all depends on your hair type. Ideally, once a week, but if we can apply the excess is every 15 days. If your hair is very damaged, we can even do it once a month. Now, if your hair is severely strained and dull, we can use it twice a week, especially in summer




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