This article is about the transaction of weather during autumn in Oslo, Norway. The change is quite drastic for nature and even people. Now you need to change to warmer clothes and also prepare yourself for the snow that will stay. You as a human need to adapt yourself to a much colder weather and the fact that the asphalt doesn’t help you anymore as snow covers it. So either you have a child, got a dog or just want to walk to the store when the snow stays on the ground, you need to prepare yourself for it.

Colour contrasts are amazing for sure
The colour contrasts are amazing for sure. Here I found some plants that really show you how beautiful leafs can be in autumn.

Leafs transformations happens first
After a quite warm summer here upnorth, at the end September this year the much colder weather finally arrived because of the sun loosing its sunshine powers everyday here upnorth. Yes, even in Oslo we feel it quite drasticly (even though northern part of Scandinavia, Russia, Alaska and Canada gets the worst weather). Here in autumn, the days get shorten by about 8 minutes everyday until 21st of December, before the sun turns and longer days will come.

First the leafs turns from green to yellow, then to red and they fall down. Once the minus degrees arrives, they fall much faster because of the ice that attatches itself to them.

The colours during autumn shows clearly that trees do have connections. Some get coloured leafs earlier than others. Interesting for sure
The colours during autumn shows clearly that trees do have connections. Some get coloured leafs earlier than others. On this picture you can clearly see this with the tree in front and some of the more yellow ones in the background. Interesting for sure

No leafs time appears
After all of the leafs has fallen down to the ground. Then many waits for snow (especially the young ones), because this dead time until it happens is really depressing. When the snow finally arrives, the snow manages to transform dark nights into much lighter nights because snow reflects every light.

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This year the winter season started up on 4th of November here in Oslo, Norway. The right time of the year is still seen as autumn months. They are September, October and November in Scandinavia and the rest of northern part of the globe. But when the first real snow comes, is quite different every year.

Here we have managed to bring you pictures from Oslo, Norway. I have taken them arround where I live from September until November

This gallery was set up for you so you can see the transaction from late summer in September until November 4th when the very first snow came.

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