Atari is not the same company now as it was before for sure. Before they made lots of nice computers but now they are a company that suddenly came up with building Atari hotels as a concept. The company is now building hotels with gaming themes, Atari reports on theirContinue Reading

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Apple Is Killing The Independent Repairing Market

Apple has sued an independent mobile repairman from Norway for importing illegal copies of mobile screens. The repairman is now Read more

New Samsung Niche TV for Sunny and Rainy Days Outside This news is quite unique. It is about a TV named The Terrace and it is made for people Read more

SaveMedia Review | Brilliant and easy YouTube downloaders

Save YouTube We have found a great tool that helps saving YouTube videos. Now you can download videos from YouTube Read more

MX Keys Keyboard and MX Master 3 Mouse Review

Logitech is a well-known keyboard and mouse producer for many types of computers such as Amiga, Mac, and PC. They Read more

Farming Simulator for Commodore 64 shakes the Modern Gaming Life

What is it with the Japanese gaming culture? Why isn’t it compatible with the gaming culture that Europe got? And why is the Nintendo hate growing in Europe? Let’s reveal this to you. Because we have lots of knowledge about this topic. Commodore 64, Atari and Amiga made the GamingContinue Reading

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Retro Gathering “Retrospillmessen” was a Extravaganza Expensive Experience

[caption id="attachment_23475" align="alignright" width="806"] Many people waiting for entering the Event[/caption] So many tried to get me to visit Retrospillmessen, Read more

Awesome Super Stardust Tunnel Sequence for Commodore 64 Preview

Before Super Stardust HD came out for Playstation 3 and Super Stardust Ultra came out for Playstation 4, this game Read more

Amiga and Atari Network Gaming Possibilities Revealed

Even though, Amiga and Atari owners had their fights in late 80's. These two are actually Network compatible thru certain Read more

AmiParty 19 Show Report with Amiga Love like Never Before Introduction

About 3-4 years ago I was browsing some of the Amiga communities on G+ with our Guru Meditation account.  I Read more

Rebootroids for Atari Jaguar

In November 2016, this game title was launched for Atari Jaguar. Yes, the very first and last ever Atari consol made by Atari. This is the 64-bit console from Atari and Rebooteroids is out for it, because of the fantastic Atari people at AtariAge that we at Distrita wants toContinue Reading

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A rare video captured by Iris aboard the ISS of Pyongyang in North Korea

On 13th of October a video containing live images from Pyongyang in North Korea was put on YouTube. This video Read more

Meteorite crash in Russia looked like an alien invasion

Meteor, Russia, February, alien invasion, space

“Super Train” – nostalgic memories with the Shinkansen 500 series

The Japanese high speed train Shinkansen 500 series could be one of the nicest trains in the world! The 500 Read more

The Game – Platformer of fun appears on the Amiga

If you love platformers, then The Game is such a game for you. It is a totally new platformer for Read more



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Center Court 2 released for Free on Aminet

After 19 years of no works on this Amiga title. A user on the English Amiga Board, managed to rescue Read more

New MediatorPCI for Amiga 4000 gives you PCI expansions

Elbox are pleased to inform about new version of the Mediator 4000D!  This is a PCI expansion card for classic Read more

XMP Mod Player Review for Android

In a time before MP3s, iTunes and Spotify, Amiga was simply the best computer for playing digital made music. Thru Read more

Jim Collas ex-Gateway 2000 CEO Interview by AMICast Podcast

Amiga's turbulent history after Commodore went bancrupt in 1994, is a saga that only few want to share info about. Read more

android status

In the online magazine Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, they have made a new study where they conclude that iPhone owners is indeed much more status focused than Android users. Here we try to explain that and digg deeper than other sites have ever done. Read on..! Predicting the BehaviourContinue Reading

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Microsoft got no Love for their Windows Phone community

Mobile phone technology has been progressing so fast that even 5 years make a huge difference. Just a few years Read more

Microsoft Edge Windows 10 web browser for iOS gets Siri Support

Before people had issues with Microsoft Explorer. Governments and users then started to remove it and in the end Microsoft Read more

More Windows 10 apps is now removable for Users

I was a bit scared when this news dumped into our mailbox. Mainly because I thought Microsoft can now remove Read more

Microsoft will try to compete with Edge on Android and iOS

Google Chrome is world's most used web browser now. Firefox is the second most and behind many like Opera and Read more

deluxe paint st

Electronic Arts saved Amiga since the start. They were the very first big company, that put their effort into Amiga with the very first version of Deluxe Paint already released in 1985. That’s 31 Years ago! Now in 2016 this program is still used by animators and designers. But evenContinue Reading

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Electronic Arts shuts down Sim City Developer

No more Maxis. Thanks to Electronic Arts, this game developer company is no more. I remember Sim City, Sim City Read more

Review: DVI-I Upgrade for Amiga 1200 with Indivision AGA mk2cr

[caption id="attachment_10858" align="alignnone" width="960"] Amiga 1200 connected to a Dell 22" inch screen[/caption] Back in 1993, Commodore released Amiga 1200 Read more

Interview with Paula Powered! A digital music punk band with pure Amiga love

Here is finally our interview with Paula Powered. A punk music band located in France. They put all of their Read more

The Sexy Amiga pixel-drawn Pictures that can ban You from Facebook

Before the time of mass-Internet usage, there was Amiga. A computer so ahead of its time, that people was too Read more


Even though, Amiga and Atari owners had their fights in late 80’s. These two are actually Network compatible thru certain games. It is fully possible to connect an Atari 520ST with Amiga 500 for example. It gives possibilites and one there is the ability to play multiplayer games. So, hereContinue Reading

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Amedia Computer

Interested in Computer Hardware? The shop is located at: 69, avenue de la libération 57530 Courcelles Chaussy France Phone : Read more

Center Court 2 released for Free on Aminet

After 19 years of no works on this Amiga title. A user on the English Amiga Board, managed to rescue Read more

Wild Pokémania after Pokémon Go Launch

You can't have missed it. Everybody speaks about it right now: POKÉMON GO. The Pokemon feber or Pokémania is back! Read more

Distrita got new offices in Oslo, Norway

Introducing you to Distrita's office! Now its officialy open for business! We are two brave pepople in an ever changing Read more


Atari Jaguar is a console made by Atari. It was launched in November 1993, which is two months after Amiga CD32 launch. It was described as worlds first 64-bit console, but only few of the games actually put this to test. Now we have a totally new game called Custodian,Continue Reading

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Apple Keynote News Livefeed

Live Apple Event Update Until 22.00CET [liveblog]

Another World classic for Playstation 4 next week

Game, Amiga/PS4: Classic platformer Another World is Coming to PS4 next week. The game creator Eric Chahi has left his Read more

Novosibirsk – a Russian pearl you have to visit

Did you know Novosibirsk is Russia's third-largest city? Well, now you know. Learn why Novosibirsk is worth to visit! Novosibirsk Read more

Visit Real Cowboys in USA’s 15th Smallest Capital

Love outdoor activities? Love to be inspired in all directions that you walk? Love to visit a calm place without Read more


Atari ST was a 16-bit and a 32-bit home computer line made by Atari, that was very popular from 1985. It was the direct competitor of the Commodore Amiga and Macintosh. It featured MIDI as standard and AtariTOS, that made it superior. In fact Atari 520ST is the reason CommodoreContinue Reading

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Commodore 64 Mini will Be out Next Year

The 'world's best-selling home computer', the Commodore 64 is soon to be released in a Commodore 64 Mini version. The Read more

The Commodore 64 is the best selling Home Computer Ever

It's not Apple II, IBM PC or ATARI that gave the birth to the personal computer. It was Commodore 64 Read more

Installing AROS on Windows, MacOSX, Solaris or Linux?

If you want to try out how AmigaOS feels like? Got hard time of choosing if you want to go Read more


About Amitopia In 1998, Amitopia was formed as a on-line paper magazine. It was created by Michal Bergseth, which is Read more