Atari EmulatorAtari ST was a 16-bit and a 32-bit home computer line made by Atari, that was very popular from 1985. It was the direct competitor of the Commodore Amiga and Macintosh. It featured MIDI as standard and AtariTOS, that made it superior. In fact Atari 520ST is the reason Commodore in the end came up with Amiga 500. For two years, Atari had the chance to really beat anything and cash in. But instead Atari used the time from 1985 to 1987 un-wisely which is very none-understanding.

AtariTOS was known for its Green looking desktop
The operating system that Atari made, had several useful programs. But what Atari was known most for was all of the games that was released for it. In competition with Amiga 500, several gaming companies released several titles for both Atari ST and Amiga lines of computers. All of these Atari ST machines  from Atari were based upon the 68000  and 68030 CPU from Motorola. Later on, Atari ended their computer and console history by releasing Atari Jaguar that as with Amiga CD32 had its weaknesses.

Real and Dangerous competitor that Blew it to Early
Atari ST line of computers, was first released in 1985 by Atari, and was very sucessful in CAD, Desktop Publishing and in  the Professional Music Industry, due to having MIDI ports as standard. The 1040ST which was the second Atari ST model, was released in 1986, This Atari ST sequal was the very first personal computer to ship with 1MB of RAM. Later, Atari ST Falcon 030 got a 16-bit soundchip with DSP and a SCSI controller as standard outperforming an standard Amiga 1200 from Commodore. In 1993 it ended its life, but here on Distrita we will give you articles, interviews and in-depth guides from now on from the Atari community. Welcome to all Atari enthusiasts.

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Distrita aim an supporting every Platform continues
With this article about Atari Javascript article, we at Distrita Team invites you into a even more wider platform support by Distrita. We love all kinds of retro computers and Atari ST was and still is part of the computer history that shouldn’t be forgotten.

So, now head over to the Javascript AtariTOS Emulator on-line. It brings back memories and the fact that Distrita aims at supporting Atari also.