AROS will be getting Odyssey 1.23

Odyssey 1.23 of the web browser is in development for AROS.

Currently Krzysztof ‘Deadwood’ Śmiechowicz is porting Odyssey developed by Fabien ‘Fab’ Coeurjoly to AROS. Version 1.16 was ported over two years ago but porting the latest version did not succeed due to missing support of certain MUI4-functionality of the AROS-reimplementation of MUI, called Zune.

The goal of the developer is to be able playing html-videos under AROS. An updated HTML-/JavaScript-engine has been already implemented. A first public version will be released together with version 2.0 of the AROS-distribution Icaros Desktop which is announced for mid-October/November. Users who support the this project are asked to donate money for the bounty project of Zune enhancement.

About AROS:
AROS is an open source version of AmigaOS which can be installed on x86, PPC and 68k systems. It has similarities with original AmigaOS, but cannot run AmigaOS software out of the box. Programs needs to be written for AROS.


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