Distrita wants to become a site which is for everyone. That means that our articles spans from gadgets to fashion. At the moment we are 3 writers, but we are looking for more writers that would love the help out our site.

So, now were looking for someone that knows lots about music, fashion and lifestyle in general. We are very pleased to be able to have people giving their efforts to help us with images that we can use for promoting the site, but we need writers that likes to write about fashion in your country or area where you are.

Please Contact Distrita today

If you are more into other areas like food, politics, news, computers or even software testing. You are also welcome. Distrita wants to be a global magazine that everyone can be part of. If you have comments regarding the site, please send us a note also. We want to create the site that is not controlled by massmedia, but by people want to share articles with you from all corners. We want to be the site that concerns about you.

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the Distrita team

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