Street fighting in Rio, Brazil! Not from the brightest side of the Rio carnival. Open fight at streets of Rio, Brazil:
This video has been published on several social media channels during the last 2 days! Showing a big group of men appear fighting with each other in the middle of the Avenue Intendant Magellan, main artery of the region, not too far from where the popular Rio Carnival is going on. In one of the images, a man appears unconscious on the ground. Afortunately, there is no information about killed or injured during this incident. Another video also shows people trying to protect within the Jumbo Motel.

Street Fighting in Rio, Brazil


Be careful, don’t carry expensive items

Brazil’s reputation regarding crime is maybe not the best. It’s well known that many places are not safe. It’s normal to stop cars and steal the owners’ properties. It’s really sad, but the Brazilians haven’t the privilige as the Europeans take for granted every day! It is recommended to stay away from groups, and not involve in discussions with strangers.

A dangerous place, a criminal’s paradise

Culture is different, and Brazilians have often an extreme temperament! Brazilians are interesting people, often very friendly and funny. But they can also be very aggressive, angry and dangerous! Personal safety is important when you’re on holiday, so please read further to learn more.

“As a rule, assaltos are most common in the larger cities, and are rare in the countryside and towns. Most assaltos take place at night, in backstreets with few people around, so stick to busy, well-lit streets; in a city, it’s always a lot safer to take a taxi than walk. Even more normal is a simple theft, a furto.”

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Street Fighting in Rio, Brazil

Local citizens can’t feel safe at home if they haven’t locked doors and special equipment to ensure robbers cant access. Families that can afford alarm protection buys a security package to ensure their kids can be safe. Brazilian security is very important for most people. People worry about their family and don’t feel safe.

Best advice to avoid trouble in Brazil is to get prepared in advance. Read guides and learn how to act in new places. Here is a good guide how to be safe in Brazil.

Be careful in Brazil

The streets of Brazil are not the safest! You should not carry expensive items, like mobile phones or lots of money. Be sure to have spread your money on different places, and dont open the wallet on isolated places. You should have a local friend to join, and you can relax a bit more. It’s better to avoid any traps.


Not from the brightest side of the Rio carnival. Crime in Brazil. There are places you should avoid to enter as an tourist. There are friendly Brazilians but be aware of their temperament. Culture is different. Or Brazilian culture is not like we are used to in Europe. But there are also some safe streets in Brazil.