What is the future of computing? Remember the time before iPOD and MacOSX? Apple was begging for not going under totally. Something happened to Apple when Steve Jobs came back. He brought fantatism back to Apple. He managed to make people love all of Apple’s iPOD and PowerPC products. But when Apple announced for the first time that they will change from PowerPC platform to the Intel x86 platform, the Apple community followed Steve’s words as if all of his negative words against x86 platform just vanished. People who loved the Mac PowerPC platform before his speech, now started to love x86 even if they knew from Steve previous words that x86 is much worse than both G4 and G5 PowerPC cpus.

Appleism is Killing the Future of computing

Steve was Apple community Biggest person ever

He turned Apple from becoming dead to live on. Not just with the PowerPC platform and OSX, but also the transactions from iPOD to iPhone to iPAD! Apple community did what he said and he believed in what he was creating. Now today, Apple is one of worlds most important and influently companies ever made. Steve knew that people likes design. He also knew that when Apple sells more, he didn’t needed to add the most powerful hardware but he concentrated instead all of his effort on MacOSX and in the end iOS when iPhone came out. His goal was to put a computer and a mobile phone into everyones hands. He wanted that everyone could be happy to pull up their mobile phones out of the pockets without beeing ashamed. Nokia didn’t much to design their phone that well and that led Nokia to where they are today. Nowhere!

The Appleism turned Apple from nothing to the most known company in the world. Now people just buy Apple products. Yes, I even see people buying AppleWatch like it was a normal clock… even the price is not low, people buy it. Apple is innovative yes… but it kills what many nerds have used to bring Apple to where they are today.

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Appleism kills the Independent computing movement

Still Linux have a quite big fanbase regarding coders and nerds. But even they start to use Apples laptops more and more. I see at work and at computing gatherings coders use Apple machines more and more. Apple is getting more and more users… And now Apple wants to turn MacOSX more like iOS more and more. Now with the latest El Capitan, you as a user can’t have the highest user level anymore. Now Apple can actually take over your MacOSX system without you noticing it. Apple have already a quite strict line for iOS developers and users. Apple seems to use their powers to get even more control… and that worries me a lot!

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Alternatives wait for your dedication!

There are so many alternatives out there. First one is MorphOS which brings another operating system to the Mac PowerPC platform. Then you have LinuxPPC. On the x86 side you have lots of Linux distros, BSD distros, Haiku and even AROS. The PC platform is hanging after Apple in the design. Almost every producer of laptops copies Apples design even! But the alternatives are many and these does not want to take the power from you like Apple wants to do.

Appleism is Killing the Future of computing

The future of computing is dark… or is there hope?

I think: We need some more options while the biggest companies are eating the smaller ones. Alternatives in the computing business are welcome.

Appleism puts the development of independent software into a danger place. I feel that programs that we get in the future will be more and more controlled by Apple. On the other alternatives, there are no such controll at all. So the hope is still there to see alternatives pulling the strings even in the future… but the Appleism is scary. People loves too much underpowered laptops and mobile phones. The OS’s made by Apple are stable, but thats the only good thing. Rest is not good for the future at all. What are your opinion about the future of computing? Let us know, comment, share and like this article in the social media.