Apple is working hard with “Proactive”, a new system that wants to know everything of you! Don’t feel safe any more, as Apple will always know more than yourself of your habits, interests and secrets! If you have a question, don’t worry, Apple will answer it before you even have questioned it!

Proactive is a Google now clone, but controlling even more

If you have been shocked how much interesting information “Google now” gives you, the new “Proactive” app will not only shock you, but scare you! “Proactive” will connect iOs9 main factors including, Siri, contact list, calendar, Pass book and third part apps! The result will be a monster that controls all your movements and take control of everything of your mobile life and activities. It will give the users the most dedicated news and information at all times. Maybe Google can sue Apple after this?

Apple controls all the software

To be scared of everything Apple knows about you…

“Proactive” knows everything, inlcuding what apps you use and when you use them, who you’re calling and how often you call them, and it will present the apps you need and when you need the!

Do you think “Proactive” will be too scary? Then you should probably drop the next generation of smaart phones, as all apple products will include these systems.

Apple wuth google now clone… What’s next? They want to control the software and know everything about you. Why not name it “Apple now”. Very original idea!

This guy seems to have lots of thoughts of how Apple controls you:

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