iPhone and MacBooks is selling a lot worldwide. With iOS7, Apple and iPhone have yet again made a milestone, but in enviroment thinking, Apple doesn’t care it seems. People of Apple products knows very well, that the power charging connector used on their devices, changes often and that people using older connectors have to buy adaptors. Apple have actually made many different cables and connectors which is not standard.

LG, Samsung, HTC, Jolla and others have all gone for the same Micro USB standard connector for charging mobile phones. But Apple have it’s own connector now called Lightning. You cannot go to any electronic shop and buy a charger for iPhone’s. You must go to a Apple certified shop, and even they might not have the product that you are looking for. They do sell a adapter from Lightning to Micro USB, but you need to do that and it costs you extra money. There is also adapter from Lightning connector to 30 pin power. Then there is a Apple iPhone to Micro USB adapter also.

Apple’s laptops have the same issue. If you own old PowerBook G4 15″, you can hardly get a power charger to it. Also it depends on which MacBook versions you have. Some uses MagSafe, while others have MagSafe 2. You also get convertors between MagSafe and MagSafe 2. Then they sell extra power chargers, both for MagSafe and MagSafe 2 on store. Then they also sell Apple World Travel Adapter Kit in addition. Too many Apple standards? Or do Apple sell these products so they can earn more and pollute the world even more?

Apple does sell great products, so we at Distrita wonders why they are so afraid of going towards standards? It would help Apple’s reputation to follow Micro USB standard for their iPhone’s or just give the Micro USB adapter for iPhones for free with every phone. Its a waste of packing and energy to create these adapters standalone. Apple is making good products, but not so enviromental as they say as they are? Maybe Apple can change on this? Maybe you as a customer can think about who you should support, the next time you see a Apple product.