Apple is known for having restrictions on iOS apps since the very beginning. Sometimes the rules changes, but for now Apple prevents on their newest device. Apple as a company wants to have control over your life. Apple also knows what you are doing and what you are installing. They can even remove apps from your phone just when they like to.

Apple prevents apps showing only time

Now, Apple have decided that their new smartclock watches, can’t show time in apps which is only made for showing time. And this have hit especially the Pebble community, where they had hoped to be able to create different apps that shows only time.

Apple has now made it clear that applications that only show time, will be removed and rejected.

The reason must be that Apple will lose control over quality.

Apple says also that creating such apps, drains the battery life. Therefore, it is not possible to obtain self-produced clock displays on Apple Watch.

So, simple clock apps should be more dangerous than apps with something on them and a digital clock? This preventing rule is just for Apple to prevent others in having market in something that they actually sell.

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