In 1984, Apple released Macintosh. It was stunning and small. It had a small black and white screen, the screen and disk drive was in the same case, it got a nice keyboard and mouse. Most interesting was the MacOS which brought user friendly OS to all at a time when PC’s only had MS-DOS.

In 1985 though, Amiga 1000 came and showed how a full colour Multitasking OS should be. But people was tricked by PC Magazines which wrote false news over and over. It wasn’t until 1994 that the PC marked caught up with Mac’s and Amiga in speed regarding CPU and performance. But still, now in 2014. Windows, OSX and even Linux have yet to prove speed performance that is better than the one AmigaOS got today.

Distrita wishes Apple all the best. 30 is a nice number. Next year it’s Amiga’s 30 number. Be sure that Distrita will cover this.