Thinner, lighter , faster . That’s what Apple promises will be its new iPad tablet , which also has a new name : iPad Air.

The company on Tuesday introduced the fifth generation of its successful tablet. Among the new features include that weigh 450 grams ( the former weighed 630 ) , is 20 % thinner and 28 % lighter than the fourth-generation version .

The iPad Air will have the same 9.7 -inch screen of the previous versions and A7 processor chip itself is in the iPhone 5S . That will make it 72 times faster than the original iPad , as Apple said Vice President Phil Schiller.   “This is our biggest breakthrough with full-sized iPad ,” said Schiller. The device will go on sale on November 1 .

Schiller also announced a new iPad Mini with a base price of $ 399 . It will be available later in November and will have an A7 processor and the same high-resolution Retina display iPads that great .

Apple took a new direction on Tuesday , announcing that the new version of its operating system , OS X Mavericks , is now available for download and is free.

Selling software has never been a big moneymaker for Apple , and the price of OS X updates have been falling in recent years. The measure can be seen as a blow to Microsoft , which depends more on revenue from sales of Windows .

The new laptops MacBook Pro and MacBook Air were also presented and will go on sale immediately. They had the usual updates: better graphics , more battery life , faster storage ports and Wi – Fi next generation . Apple also announced that both iWork and iLife suites creative and business software , are now free with every Mac purchase