Apple is Switching to USB-C standard
USB-C standard is coming to iPad

Sometimes you need to check what you have been reading more than once. And this is for sure with this case. Apple i Switching to USB-C standard when their next iPad Pro lineup will be released. Then the lightning port is history it seems!

Choosing USB-C standard is smart

Since the very first MacBooks. Apple have put lightning connector to their heart. But as the world is turning towards helping the environment more and more. It is nice to see that the next iPad will be using USB-C standard instead.

With less mess with different connectors, the better it will become for the environment. But this should have been done long time ago Apple! Not now. But, later than never.

4K video output thru USB-C

Apple’s tablet will feature 4K video output. A reason for Apple choosing this standard too might also due to the possibility to show 4k video output  via the USB-C! Which is quite interesting news itself.

…the 10.5-inch iPad Pro will be 178.52mm wide and 247.64mm tall. The bigger 12.9-inch iPad Pro, on the other hand, will feature will be 215mm wide and 280.66mm tall.

The leaks is coming from Macotakara article about the same topic. Which is a Japanese site about mac. In Japan, Apple products is really big. They took over the Amiga role in video industry in the country. Yes. Amiga was a big player in Japanese television making in the 1990s before Mac’s became popular. Mike from Cloanto told Distrita about this.

By choosing USB-C, Apple will for sure make adapters less important. All of these adapters between lightning and USB-C that is sold in plastic bags is not healthy at all. People mostly throws away the plastic without thinking about the environment. All of the bigger electronic companies should have a recycling system, where people could come with old technology that could be turned into useful gadgets.




Source: Wccftech Photosource: Pixabay


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