Apple3.tiapplenorthkoreaWORLD: Many sources says that Apple give mobile-partners instructions on what to tell to you as a customer.

– I have seen the conditions that operators are included with Apple. In practice waives the right to have an opinion about anything. Apple controls their partners in the same way as the management of North Korea controls its own press, says telecom analyst John Strand to DagensIT.

This means Apple tend to have communistic ideals in its rules? Also, John Strand says that partners like Telenor (mobile operator which sells iPhones) here in Norway, have said yes in agreement that they need to get OK from Apple about things they want to say about their mobile products. Also, Apple never reply when journalists tries to get answers from Apple.

Distrita really feels that Apple have gone to far. Maybe they know that their products is: 1) To expensive 2) Not solid 3) Pure Design – And this is why they have so poorly customer service. Maybe after Steve Jobs is now gone, things might change?