NORWAY: Lønseth disagree with the demonstrations today! He is the Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Justice, and disagrees with the requirement of the new regulations. He states that – We have followed the principle of “best kids” in the White Paper adopted. What we’re saying there is that immigration control considerations have sometimes given too much weight. Otherwise there is no change in the regulations, that is clear. Concern for children is fundamental, but is not the only consideration, says Lønseth to

He believes the challenge in many cases is that families do not relate to the decision of rejection.

This is very harsh statement from AP. AUF (The teenager part of AP party), and several local AP people, have gathered in many demonstrations across Norway.  Even our pre-culture minister Åse Kleveland walked and says that the government have to change their policy in this case. There have been demonstrations in over 22 cities in Norway today. But AP seems to ignore this as if they were FRP.

The children’s right should be priority number one and Distrita hopes for a better future. People which earns and pay taxes should be treated with respect. People with children born in Norway, should be able to stay. Pål Lønseth seems to be too blinded by his status. Shame.