Except for USA, Canada and Japan. Netflix got the rights to show Studio Ghiblis Anime productions in 190 countries world wide. So, now it is time to have some really nice family time watching for those ones that subscribes to the Netflix streaming service. 21 New Studio Ghibli Anime ProductionsContinue Reading

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Alita Battle Angel Anime Series isn't Worth It

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Blade Runner Anime Adult Swim

Faksimile/Niche Gamer: Blade Runner Anime Adult Swim will be Huge! Blade Runner Anime will be Made by Adult Swim This is what we call a Distrita Niche News xtravaganza! This is something which I got on mail. Distrita covers many things which include obscure stuff, Japan, anime, geek culture, andContinue Reading

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Jessica Jones is a hard nut to crack! Most loved and irritated series ever!? (Spoilers)

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Now and Then, Here and There

Have you ever seen a war on TV? What if this reality was on a different planet? Now and Then, Here and There is one of the most spectacular cartoons ever made in Japan. It puts anything we do today to shame and tries to teach everyone watching it aboutContinue Reading

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Have you heard of Norway’s legendary explorer, Thor Heyerdahl? Kon-Tiki is now heading towards USA He is famous for his epic 4,300 miles crossing of the Pacific on a balsa wood raft in 1947 to prove that this could have been done in pre-Columbian times for South Americans to settleContinue Reading

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