The extraordinary iguana looks almost like a dinosaur and is eating plants. They are normally shy, but do you know they may become very aggressive? Learn more about this exciting animal! Iguana facts Q & A How do I recognize an iguana? Iguanas are known for their impressive eyes, and their longContinue Reading

You might wonder what kinds of drugs our furry animal friends uses. We never recommend to use any drugs, but what about the animals? If you throw your cigarette on the ground, eventualy a bird, a musqitoe or an ant might get addicted to the cigarette. You never know! Krmt,…Continue Reading

Maggie the Kelpie is a dog that lived in Australia. A farmer in Woolsthorp, Victoria, confirmed the news to The Weekly Times. However the news also states that they didn’t really knew the dogs age because of the farmers have lost the dog paper. Over 200 human years! If weContinue Reading

We often look at our best friends, the dogs as a bit not that smart. They do learn what we teach them to do, but we often don’t see them do something other than what we humans have learned them to do. That was until I found this video onContinue Reading

Heart warming stories still touch people, and if they are about animals! Cat Adopts Baby Rabbit video has 8 million viewers! This cat who adapts a baby rabbit is a very popular video on youtube, seen by almost 8 million viewers! That’s almost as much as the entire population inContinue Reading