We often look at our best friends, the dogs as a bit not that smart. They do learn what we teach them to do, but we often don’t see them do something other than what we humans have learned them to do. That was until I found this video onContinue Reading

Heart warming stories still touch people, and if they are about animals! Cat Adopts Baby Rabbit video has 8 million viewers! This cat who adapts a baby rabbit is a very popular video on youtube, seen by almost 8 million viewers! That’s almost as much as the entire population inContinue Reading

If you love cats, then you will love going to Aoshima island in Japan. Distrita welcomes you to the cat island, Aosshima in Japan. The cat island location The Aoshima island is sitting just outside of Matsuyama city. The connection with mainland Japan is only 2 times a day withContinue Reading

The Macaw is possessed of an iridescent red plumage. Part of the wing feathers are blue, yellow and green lesser extent. The area around the eyes is yellow and her face is dotted with white feathers. The bill is big and strong and moreover, the legs have a dark toneContinue Reading