Few of our regular readers of Distrita will ever care, but for those users that do need low audio latency for music and audio creation applications, this is very good news. Read on for further knowledge of this Android issue and what audio latency is and why musicians loves it.

Audio Latency Introduction
Latency refers to a short period of delay or ultra-mini lag (usually measured in milliseconds) between when an audio signal enters to a audio system and when it emerges from a system. This various from the cheapest to the most expensive Hi-Fi systems. With phono connectors before, this lag was minimal but with todays digital processin. The lag is infact increased but this is mostly due to bad audio processors.

The biggest audio latency issues in an audio system, will happen when you use adapters that transfers analog-to-digital sound. It can also happen when buffering, digital signal processing, transmission time, digital-to-analog conversion and the speed of sound in air. So to have the clearest and best sound you shouldnt have any adapters. And thats why many musicians and DJs love to use audio systems without adapters. Because then the sound will be more pure and not converted to their listeners.

CD or LP gives you less Audio Latency
This might sound odd to many, but listening to a CD or LP is infact heaven compared to a stream. So if you see Radio FM enthusiasts complain about all of the Digital DAB propaganda, it is also because of latency and the fact that stereo FM sound is much more pure than Digital DAB will ever be.

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Android’s 10 ms Problem Solved
It seems like Android, the free OS that is heavily based on Linux had issues with a 10 ms latency issue. At Superpowered website they write as follows!:

“Our testing, technical analyses and audio latency measurement database of more than 4,238 different Android models/builds shows that Google has been making great progress in order to solve the Android round-trip audio latency problem, however progress seems to be slowing as the current media server internals are not likely to be hacked much further unless fundamental changes should happen. To date, we have seen no improvements with Android N with regards to audio latency.

We receive emails from all around the world, almost on a daily basis, where developers beg us for a solution to Android Audio’s 10 ms Problem. Which is why we’re proud to announce a solution to Android Audio 10ms Problem, which you can install and demo today.”

Android Media Server
Learn more about Android’s 10 Millisecond Problem and Solution.

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