Less than 0.001% of application installations on Android, is malware. This also includes applications outside of Google Play! So almost no software manages to get thru Android’s multiple layers of security.

“Until now, Google hasn’t talked about malware on Android because it did not have the data or analytic platform to back its security claims. But that changed dramatically today when Google’s Android Security chief Adrian Ludwig reported data showing that less than an estimated 0.001% of app installations on Android are able to evade the system’s multi-layered defenses and cause harm to users. Android, built on an open innovation model, has quietly resisted the locked down, total control model spawned by decades of Windows malware. Ludwig spoke today at the Virus Bulletin conference in Berlin because he has the data to dispute the claims of pervasive Android malware threats.”

Thanks to osnews.com, which have revealed this and have stated in the end that Android is more secure than iOS. Apple, what now?