At the end of November last year, Netflix could reveal that offline watching was finally available for the streaming service. However this didn’t get to Android users until now to get the possibility to save their content onto an external memory card.

Much better download Possibilities for Android Owners
The possibility for offline viewing of Netflix content, is initially only available for iOS and Android. On both platforms, it has only been possible to download to the internal memory, which is boring for Android users as many of the devices have support for memory cards (especially the cheaper ones). However, it has been possible to download to SD card on Android devices with little mixing and experimenting (external link).

Netflix needs an Update for this to Work
A new update to Netflix, for Android makes it much easier to download content to an SD or a MicroSD card. Under settings in the Netflix app now, there is a separate option called “Get Location” where you can choose between internal storage or an external memory card as seen on Lifehacker website. Great solution for those with “cheaper” Android phones that should have everything possible app running and saved onto an external memory card.

Note that downloaded content is limited, so you can not store it in “Forever”.