Today Sony released their Kitkat update for Sony Xperia Z1 and Z1 Compact. They all got Android 4.4.4 today, which got the Kitkat name. Its interesting to see how fast Sony can update their Android phones, compared to LG and Samsung.

We at Distrita likes this! Continue with this Sony and you will have many happy users for sure!

So, where can I get this update?
You will get this thru Sony Update center program which comes with your phone. If you haven’t got the update yet, then just wait as Sony is rolling it out just now.

Here I put some screenshots:

Screenshot_2014-07-14-20-25-38 Screenshot_2014-07-14-20-28-39 Screenshot_2014-07-14-20-29-22 Screenshot_2014-07-14-20-29-42