For those who wanted a blast from the past, there was a 1980s film weekender taking place in Manchester, United Kingdom centre end of last month – with some cult classics on show.

Tucked away on Sadler’s Lawn -among Manchester’s most recent public squares behind the CIS Tower and New Century Home, there was an outdoors movie theater and a 1980s party. Film enthusiasts could pick from 3 films. These would take them on a dream vacation right in the heart of the city centre on a 32ft wide screen.

Weekend blast from the past at an outdoor cinema in Manchester

The movie weekender began on Thursday September 28 and lasted until Thursday September 28, Masters of deep space was shown at 7.30 pm, whilst on Friday night it was time for The Princess Bride. The film weekender completed with The 1987 classic The Lost Boys on September 30. Each viewer got an individual headset to shut out any noise from the city centre and transport them directly into the story. As well as the films, DJs will be blasting some 1980s classics and’the club that Manchester developed’, The Pilcrow, will be serving craft ales and spirits.

There is really something charming about watching cinema outside as it gives you a bit different enviroment to watch in. We at Distrita would recommend this if you can. Especially if the weather allows it. Watching cinema outdoors does something with the atmosphere. It was great that these people got headsets so they could follow the movies completely without getting interrupted.

In the 1980s many great movies were made. They were also made for the many outdoor cinemas that was available in United States of America. It was a trend that never really came to Europe fully. Maybe because of our summers are shorter here than over there. This event must have been something for sure. Would be really nice to have something similar here in Europe more often. Or, maybe there is?? Please write to us, post at distrita dot com if you know about some outdoor cinema events in Europe or in other places in this world. We would love sharing this here on Distrita for sure.