Tabibito is an Asian restaurant in Oslo. We have tried it! Read our experience at this restaurant that sits just next to the Nationaltheateret theater in Oslo. You find the restaurant on the way to the city hall. Read On!…

Sculptures at Tabibito

Sculpture at Tabibito

A gastronomic journey at Tabibito

The word Tabibito is Japanese and means “walking” and symbolizes somebody who has been on a gastronomic journey through the Asian kitchen. So we thought this must be Oslo’s number one spot to try out some Asian specialities. We had high expectations before we entered!

Entrance at Tabibito

The entrance to Tabibito

Central location

The entrance is pretty nice. They are located on the second level at Roald Amundsens gate 2. That means they are located close to Rådhusplassen, and better central location is difficult to find!

The Chinese culture is important for them, and at the entrance we find Asian sculptures there as well. At the entrance a friendly lady asks us to leave our winter jackets. The storage is a free service. Afterwards, a gentleman helps us to locate an available table. He apologizes that the best seats already are taken, so we don’t get any window spot today. It is okay for us. The ambience is friendly. It’s a budsy Wednesday afternoon. Almost all tables are occupied already. That shows that we Tabibito is a popular place to go! Time is only 5pm, and we have only 1 hour before a meeting, so we expect we have sufficient time to eat something quick and easy.



Tea at Tabibito

Tea was given as a friendly gift and was appreciated

Dimsum and noodles

We study their menu for a little while. We understand that they have an emphasis on dimsum, noodles and other specialties from different kitchens of Asia.

We decide to order Plate Number 10 on their menu: “Dimsum composition deluxe”. That’s one of their cheaper plates, but requires that minimum 2 persons order that. The price is 198 NOK (less than 25 euros) per person. We order just mineral water.

Dimsum means something that touches your heart, and is Asia’s “tapas”!The plate consists of 1 Tabibito Seafood Cake, 2 Xiao Jiao, 1 Pipa Scampi, 1 spring roll classic, 2 Shao Mai and 3 Taiwanese Wonton. The waiting time is dissapointing. We understand that they have lots to do, since the restaurant is almost full, but the staff is a bit stressed too. We try to get in touch with them, but every time they pass our table, they are too busy so they don’t see us. We have to wait more than 30 minutes!

First LookAuthentic taste, raw materials and elegant plates

When they finally arrive, they say sorry, everything is prepared for you and is handmade!  It looks like a gourmet plate. It is not a huge plate, but the most important thing is that it is tasty.

After a while they even come with free tea! Nothing is better than something hot to drink on a cold Winter day in Norway.

All the food is tasty and feels good and healthy. The food is like Asian food should taste, and we don’t complain. This is a safe place to go if you want to discover a little piece of Asia in Oslo on a typical Wednesday afternoon. It was perfect amount of food, not too much and not too small.

We can definitely come back another time!

Comfortable seatsOur food, dimsum composition deluxe

Here is a Map showing where to find Tabibito in Oslo

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