On 30th of July, I went for a trip to Germany to visit Michael (the author behind Amiga Racer) at a BBQ Party in his own garden. Little I knew that the party was filled with many new Amigans I never met before or ones that I already knew from before. Some even was shocked that I arrived, like Psyria. He could reveal to me that he will be releasing new music very soon also. Amitopia TV has been using Psyria’s music since the begining and therefore was very interesting meeting the music producer face to face.

Psyria, Amiga website writer and Amiga Racer creator relaxing

MorphOS 3.10 for AmigaOne X5000
Other important people from Amigaworld at the event was Frank Mariak from MorphOS Team that could tell me that MorphOS 3.10 is soon to be released and that AmigaOne X5000 will have MorphOS support. He could also reveal that the A1220 Tabor card will not be supported by MorphOS Team because of too many difficulties. Somehow we agreed that the future would be much greater if A-EON didn’t announce too many times about X5000 launches. X5000 is now many months delayed, but why it is so? Speculations is still high.

AmigaTec BBQ Party pictures Showcase
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The food was great and the Amiga talks was awesome. Nice to meet those you support and want to succeed. The Amiga future might not be the biggest, but one thing was comon for everyone at the BBQ party. The Amiga spirit lives on and Distrita wants to be part of it. We want to support to all sorts of Indie and Retro stuff. Share us, Like us and even Bookmark us.


Out for AmigaOS 4.x, MorphOS, Linux, Windows and MacOSX


So now you should download and support Amiga Racer. The game is also out for MacOSX and you will also have the chance to see and try the game at Gamescom. Check everything out on Distrita’s Amiga Racer Support Page. You can also order the game on AmigaTec’s Webpage.

Distrita Own Experience

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