AmigaOS for Mobile article on Distrita

First, I want to thank everyone which have read my article about how great AmigaOS would be as a mobile operating system. Many liked it, but also many got very frustrated about it. I can understand, as it is a difficult topic when many only see one side of AmigaOS.Continue Reading

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OpenStreetMap Viewer with AmigaOS is Possible by using MUIMapparium 0.7

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AmigaOS as a mobile operating system

In 1985, Commodore launched Amiga 1000 with the world’s very first 32-bit Multitasking Operating System that could show 4096 colors at once and play Stereo music! By 1994, AmigaOS evolved a lot and became a fantastic operating system. Yes, AmigaOS 3.1 was out before Windows 95 was even born! TheContinue Reading

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Future Default e-mail client for MorphOS is now out as Public Beta Release

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Our Reasons for Why AmigaOS for Mobiles would be Excellent

First, I want to thank everyone which have read my article about how great AmigaOS would be as a mobile Read more

MorphOS Upgrade Guide for PowerPC Mac Users Worldwide

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AmiCloud for many desktop OS systems

Available for AROS, AEROS, AmigaOS, MorphOS, OSX (PPC and intel), Linux and Windows (Checkout the indieGO!-Appstore) AmiCloud offers unlimited traffic.. this is meant as service to our users and not as cash cow. AmiCloud will soon also offer cloud processing and a pool of free VM’s you can access fromContinue Reading

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