For osx and windows people. The web surfing experience is as it should be. But for the Amiga scene, this is rather filled with deadzones. There are no Java support and there is limited of Flash support. However! The Amiga scene is giftet with many talented coders, that have given its web surfing life much easier.

But first I need to remind you, that Amiga scene had some very nice HTML browsers also. These are iBrowse, Aweb and Voyager. The iBrowse and Aweb have been in development still, but they havent reached CSS support yet, so here is the CSS browsers for Amiga scene.

OWB (Origyn Web Browser, Odyssey Web Browser)
Platform: AmigaOS 4, AROS and MorphOS
OWB is a discontinued web browser that was synchronized with WebKit and sponsored by web enabler Pleyo. OWB provides a meta-port to an abstract platform with the aim of making porting to embedded or lightweight systems faster and easier.

OWB has also found popularity on the AmigaOS-like operating systems. Current versions include AmigaOS 4, AROS and MorphOS[ official ports. When Sand-labs disappeared, MorphOS developer Fabien Coeurjoly renamed the project to Odyssey Web Browser when it didn’t have any original Sand-labs code left.

Now OWB is the most advanced web browser for Amiga systems. It supports CSS, HTML5, Flash (thru plugins) and SSL. The browser is a full functional browser. Infact, it is a clearly a right step towards great web surfing experience on Amiga systems. However, there are issues that is going to be fixed. The browser runs an outdated Javascript, but is soon to get PowerPC based Javascript, and then the speed of the browser will increase a lot.

Platform: AmigaOS 68k, AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS
NetSurf is an open source web browser which uses its own layout engine. Its design goal is to be lightweight and portable. As such, NetSurf supports both mainstream systems (e.g. Mac OS X and Unix-like) and older or uncommon platforms (e.g. AmigaOS, Haiku, Atari TOS and RISC OS). NetSurf provides typical web browser features, including tabbed browsing, bookmarks and page thumbnailing.

On the Amiga side, Netsurf is out for AmigaOS 68k, AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS. It got quite ok CSS support. The browser is fast, but the most advantage for Amiga scene is that there is even a AGA version out. This browser supports HTML5 also. More testing of this browser will be done by Distrita team soon. Be sure on that!


Timberwolf (Firefox for Amiga)
Platform: AmigaOS 4
Timberwolf web browser is the name of an ongoing project created to port the Firefox browser to the AmigaOS 4 platform. The Release Candidate 3 version was publicly made available to download on September 5, 2012.

It is called Timberwolf because it’s not an official version of Firefox and not part of the main Firefox development repository, and because the name “Mozilla Firefox” is a registered trademark; along with the official Firefox logo.

Today the browser is little known. There have been very little news and it seems like the team behind it have left it to its own destiny. There have been many speculations, but Timberwolf is reported by AmigaOS 4 users to be very unstable. The time and effort to port a huge browser like that to the Amiga platform might also be the issue also.


Timberwolf got CSS support, but is a project thats taken too long to become useable. The team behind it shouldn’t leave it behind now, but finish it.
OWB YouTube Problem
The Amiga scene isn’t supported by others than its coders and users. YouTube worked for a long time, but now a Ooops screen tells users that Amiga users is sort of not wanted by Google anymore. Or the fact that they want everyone to use Google Chrome web browser!?

With alle these 3 Amiga browsers that filling the web browser universe. I think that the Amiga scene is stronger now than ever. It shows the spirit for keeping the platform alive and that these browsers are for free makes it even better. The Amiga community deserves to have web browsers with the same standards as the ones on Linux, OSX and Windows got.

Distrita will follow up this article and give you more in-detail articles about web browsing on Amiga later. Both on Amigas with graphic cards and on classic Amiga machines with only AGA chipset.