With SAMBA, you can see Windows, OSX or Linux partitions or choosen folders on your MorphOS desktop. With SMBMounter, SAMBA becomes much more user friendly.

What can SMBMounter 1.4 give to you?

SMBMounter is a frontend GUI for SMBFS – the filesystem wrapper for SAMBA shares. It allows you to easily mount, keep track of and unmount simple shares on other machines on your network using the SMB protocol. As a commodity, it can be hidden when not in use, and popped back into view using a hotkey or Exchange.

SMBMounter version 1.4 is here! This update includes the following changes

  • Added a MUI GUI (original Gadtools version is also included)
  • Added support for FTP entries via FTPMount
  • Added Locale support, including French, German, Spanish, Danish, Italian, Dutch, Czech and Polish catalogs
  • Reworked GadTools layout engine
  • Includes installer script to avoid overwriting settings when upgrading
  • Added support for opening drawers in Ambient / MorphOS
  • Added ability to save quickmounts as normal mounts
  • Added OS3 GlowIcons (OS4 icons are also included)

A massive Thank You to the following people who provided the translations, as well as valuable beta testing. You all helped me so much!

  • Yannick Buchy (French)
  • Hubert Maier (German)
  • Amigo1 (Italian)
  • Jaroslav Kabara (Czech)
  • Enrique Mecklenburg (Spanish)
  • Johan Banis (Dutch)
  • Niels Bache (Danish)
  • Blazej Jedras (Polish)
SMBMounter.lha Version 1.4 SMBMounter.readme

If you like SMBMounter and feel like making a donation in recognition of the hours spent coding and refining this application, you can use this PayPal Donate button. Absolutely no obligation of course – SMBMounter is totally free to use and unrestricted!

Distrita will make a review of this tool soon as it makes sense to Connect MorphOS to other operating systems.