Amazing Zeewolf 2 Wild Justice ShooterToday almost every game is about 3D, but back in 1995 the 3D era just started. Especially for Amiga.

So today I choose to review one of the best classic 3D helicopter action games made for Amiga. It is not as pretty as today’s 3D games, but back in 1995 the look wasn’t that important in the beginning. But even if it got only basic vector 3D graphics, the gameplay, music and sound effects made this game very addictive and fun. So here is my verdict.

Great Helicopter action in Awesome 3D retro style Graphics

The game starts up with very hard-techno alike music, that tries to tell you that this game is a action game, which it really is.

Amazing Zeewolf 2 Wild Justice ShooterFrom the very first mission, you start to shoot. You have several missions in this game and the map showing up before each of the missions will give you full detail of what you should do. But if you want even more info, then you can pres the Esc key on your Amiga keyboard, which will give you detailed image description of the mission you are going to have. Also when you play the game, you can get a map (enter key) of the area that you having a mission at.

The whole mission of the game is to rescue people. That means killing your enemies (which are thanks and other aircrafts), shoot at buildings to get the people running out, land by pressing G key (same button for taking of) and fly the rescued people to your hangar ship. That is the whole plot of the game.

Amazing Zeewolf 2 Wild Justice ShooterBut now you think that this is all to the game? No. There are many interesting things in this game. In some missions, including killing your enemies you also have to steer thanks. In other missions you have to take a aircraft from one spot to the other.

Hangar helps you

In the middle of the ocean, you have your own hangar. This one helps you with fuel and ammo. You get money by rescue people. So you can also buy ammo for bigger weapons. Remember that you need to land by using the G key.


Amazing Zeewolf 2 Wild Justice ShooterPlease land on right side of the Hangar!

The right side of the hangar is for the rescued people, while on the left side you get fuel. Here you also add the ammo that you need.

Action and Very fun when playing Zeewolf 2

SO, who is this game for? I think that this is for the ones loving action. There are almost no minus points to this game. Maybe if I should point out something, then it must be how to rescue the people. It does feels a bit silly to actually have to shoot one of the buildings to rescue people, so that they run out from their buildings. They should just go outside if you land. But this is not a big minus, its just a dot to prick on.

Amazing Zeewolf 2 Wild Justice ShooterRemember that this game is best played with a Joystick, but you can also use mouse. The finest thing with this game is that this is a fully open world game. Yes you need to do your mission, but you can fly as much as you want. You can shoot down every tree or buildings just for fun. You can choose how many you want to rescue. Great thing!


The gameplay itself is also very fluid. Especially on an Amiga with 68020 or higher cpu. You can play it on a 1MB Amiga 500, but this 3D engine got many effects to it. Yes, even when you fire towards the ocean, the game have wave effects.

If you do have time this weekend. I urge you to try it. With WHDload installed, its even more fun. Just run and play from any Amiga HD.

Distrita Score:rating4

Info about Zeewolf 2

Publisher: Pinnacle Worldwide, Developer: Binary Asylum and Published in 1995. Note: This is the sequel to Zeewolf game. Also. This is Amiga only game. Requirement: OCS or ECS Amiga, but Amiga with 68020 or higher is recommended.