Get online with Roadshow TCP/IPHere we are looking at the Roadshow TCP/IP package for AmigaOS 68k from APC&TCP in Germany. Its a fantastic way of getting yourself on-line with your classic Amiga, but do not expect your Amiga to do magical things.

Things is Getting better with Roadshow installed

While your 68030 Amiga ain’t a horsepower, there are plenty ways to get on-line with it. You have Miami and AmiTCP. But these TCP/IP stacks have bad or none DHCP functionality working. Roadshow helps you a lot. I even tested Roadshow with homeplugs (ethernet thru electricity) and Roadshow simply works out of the box.

When it comes to browsers, AmigaOS 68k seems to getting help from developers. There is a web browser called Netsurf 68k, that is in development for both RTG and AGA machines. Now it also works without FPU even. This means that AmigaOS 68k users have a browser that actually does CSS even though its not complete. Netsurf comes from the RiscOS (Acorn) operating system, but got open sourced and now is available for AmigaOS 68k systems also! Very nice.

Including Netsurf, AmigaOS 68k also got a Google Drive Handler developed for it which you can download and check out here on Distrita. It is out for AmigaOS 68k, AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and AROS. So all Amiga flavours are covered!

So now you can share your content with others on Google with your classic Amiga. Your Deluxe Paint or OctaMED/Protracker productions got a cloud to be saved on. Great. Also you have the classic AmIRC or Wookiechat that gives you a nice chat experience with others on IRC. There are also plenty of FTP clients on Aminet to download. The net experience on classic Amiga might not be a standard that you look for, but it is possibilites on AmigaOS 68k still and Roadshow 68k developers is certainly part of that possibility.

Less powerhungry than any other TCP/IP stack for AmigaOS

While both Miami and AmiTCP uses either MUI or Reaction to show you GUI. Roadshow is completely CLI/Shell driven. This makes Roadshow less powerhungry and on classic Amiga this is a bigger case for everything as the general user have around 64MB of RAM, but the chipmem is only 2MB and is a halt for many operations regarding web. Setting the web browser to use fast mem instead of chipmem is a very good idea.

However! The installation and getting net to your Amiga is much easier. It’s about knowing the basics of AmigaOS and copy the right files to the right destinations of your SYS drawer and whola, your Amiga is connected.



Here is a shot showing where Roadshow files should be in Roadshow

Get online with Roadshow TCP/IP

On our Amiga 1200 with 68030 50MHz CPU and 64MB RAM at Distrita office, my network devices is a Plipbox Parallel Ethernet adapter and NETPCM003 PCMCIA Ethernet card.


Installing the correct drivers to be used with Roadshow mini guide

As you can see on the shot above, the driver for your Amiga network car can be found either on Plipbox floppy for the Plipbox Ethernet box or on Aminet for the 3c589 driver for the PCMCIA ethernet network card.

We use the PCMCIA Ethernet driver on Aminet as an example in this Guide

In NetInterfaces drawer in Devs you should install the driver so that Roadshow see it. See the above image still. Once copied, this drawer should contain the 3c589 PCMCIA ethernet driver. Once you have this installed, you can reboot your Amiga and everything should work.

Roadshow adds Assigns to your user-startup file in S drawer, which tells your Amiga about Network-Startup file in S drawer. You can see that on the bottom of the shot above. When you use stuff in AmigaOS, files goes to Devs but when only used from time to time they are stored in Workbench:Storage drawer as default. So just copy the driver for 3c589 to NetInterfaces from Roadshow drawer where its located in the archive drawer “Roadshow/Workbench/Storage” drawer to Workbench:Devs/NetInterfaces and it will be loaded everytime your Amiga boots up.

Speedy gonzales with Roadshow. Fastest Amiga TCP/IP stack

Roadshow is one of the fastest TCP/IP stacks out for Amiga. However, the Amiga hardware is limited to what it can do regarding file transfers.

Roadshow is one of the fastest, if not the fastest Amiga TCP/IP stack. In sustained data transmission tests, Roadshow was able to receive 997 KBytes/s (tested on an Amiga 3000T, using 40 MHz 68040 WarpEngine CPU card and an Ariadne Ethernet card).

So, for 25 Euros you can get one of the fastest TCP/IP stacks for Amiga. The price might be a bit higher than expected for such obvious tool, but TCP/IP stack wasn’t intergrated before nextgen AmigaOS 4, MorphOS or AROS came. This TCP/IP stack is worth every penny if you love using your Amiga. The people behind it, deserves the income for their support and dedication for AmigaOS. So if you are a Amiga user, Distrita strongly recommends you to get it.


Get your copy of Roadshow for AmigaOS 68k here!

You can also download a free version, but its only limited to 30min for each time. To get ridd of the timer, you need to buy this product. You won’t be dissapointed. Distrita haven’t been on our Amiga 1200 test machine.