Not many sites do modern articles regarding Amiga, but Distrita does it with dignity for you. Amiga was and is one of the strongest surviving platform ever created. With so many PC magazines writing “Amiga is Back again” and “Amiga is dead” it’s a pleasure to give you 10 Reasons why AmigaOS still Rulez in 2016.

Amiga 30th Amsterdam
Li Ying won Amiga 2000 in Amsterdam

1. Community

Without the community supporting AmigaOS, there would be no alternative to Windows, OSX and Linux that really stand out and is awesome to use.

2. Aminet

The creativity made by the Amiga community is beyond understanding for the most. Aminet however have been on the net longer than the visual WWW have been alive. Aminet is gathering all sorts of software and creations made by the Amiga community. An app store that was alive ages before iTunes Store, App Store or Play Store.

Crowded Amiga Event in Amsterdam
Crowded Amiga Event in Amsterdam

3. Programs

AmigaOS got one of the coolest programs that you can find on Aminet, that is made by the creative community that Amiga got. You find all sorts of programs for the platform, but also unique programs like Protracker, TVPaint, Pagestream, OctaMED Soundstudio, Deluxe Paint, AmiNetRadio, AmIRC, AmiTwitter, Kwakwa, Scala and Hollywood.

4. Flexibility

With all of the 3 reasons taken, AmigaOS flexibility is it’s superb multitasking and ability to run several programs on several screens. Switching between screens and programs inside AmigaOS, MorphOS or AROS is state of the art. It just works and its been with AmigaOS since the release of it in 1985!

Multiviewer Screenshot AmigaOS4
Multiviewer is Exclusive for Amiga

5. Requirements

None of the AmigaOS flavours have any weaknesses with hardware that isn’t GHz in CPU power. All of AmigaOS flavours runs on hardware with the most basic requirements like 68000 7.14MHz and 1MB of RAM up to G5 PowerPC CPU’s with 2.7GHz speed or a higher x86 CPU with AROS running on it.

AmigaOS boots in 3-4 seconds even on these specs:
– IDE interface without DMA
– 260MB slow HD disks! 2.5″, 3.5″ sizes etc
– Graphic chipset that can only handle upto 256 colors at the same time on screen


Amiga simply doesn’t need SSD to boot in seconds. People argument with that AmigaOS is so small in size, but even with AmigaOS full of drivers, tcp/ip stack and bunch of new libraries AmigaOS still boots in 5-7 seconds!

6. Clean

Anything you do in AmigaOS is something that you can learn in just few hours. Installing software is about putting them on right place on the disk and then eventually copy the needed libs to your AmigaOS or Ambient (MorphOS) system partition. Here you also place files for language, fonts and anything regarding the system.

Protracker 2.3E Amiga
Most known MOD tracker for Amiga

7. Productivenes

AmigaOS programs are easy to switch between. Also when you run programs, there is almost no lag when running several programs at once. You can easy have many programs open on a Amiga 1200 with 68030 50MHz CPU and 64MB RAM. The memsize limits you, but AmigaOS programs are productive and effective because they consume very little mem and because of that you can use AmigaOS on a 64MB RAM machine as if it was 2GB PC.


Drawing something in Deluxe Paint, listening to MODs with Hippo Player, fiddling with Dopus Megallan 4 and chat online with AmIRC is no problem on a 64MB RAM Amiga. And if you are pro you can even surf HTML4 sites with iBrowse (images must be set to use FAST RAM) at the same time. This is possible on AmigaOS from 1992! and is a reason why Amiga was and is used for big tasks that requires much more mem on other machines.

8. Scripts

With the strong AREXX builtin to AmigaOS, you can learn to script or use scripts in a much faster way than on any other operating system. If you have the knowledge and interest, AREXX is so powerful that you can turn AmigaOS into a AREXX scripting tool itself. Almost any of the more advanced programs got AREXX support and can add functions to programs that wasn’t ment to be there in first place. TVPaint for example got AREXX scripts giving it extra effects.

Snoopdos for Amiga
SnoopDOS gives you full control

9. SnoopDOS

AmigaOS is the only operating system that let’s any users have full control over it. With tools like SnoopDOS, you know AmigaOS insideout. Here you know how AmigaOS works, what libs is missing if a programs doesn’t start etc. These tools costs a fortune for Windows and OSX.

10. Hardware

AmigaOS that we all enjoy now is from 1992. Cloanto still sells floppies with AmigaOS 3.1 even. AmigaOS can run anything from old Zorro and ISA cards to top modern PCI or even AGP cards. You can build your Amiga 1200 from a desktop tower machine to a tower. You can upgrade your classic Amigas with PCI slots. You can upgrade all of the machines with CPU boards, graphic cards, sound cards or even USB cards. And you can even upgrade both Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200 with HDMI or DVI output cards so that your modern monitor can show the signals that the classic Amigas produce.

Classic Amiga line is the most loved and liked, but also most of the G4 PowerPC Mac’s from Apple have been overtaken by MorphOS which is a AmigaOS compatible and inspired operating system. So to say, AmigaOS even supports Airport, USB 2.0, ATI Radeon 9600++ cards, Soundblaster 16 bit cards etc. AmigaOS and MorphOS also supports PCMCIA 16bit ethernet cards. MacMini G4, iBook G4, PowerBook G4 etc internal ethernet card is supported also. There is almost nothing that AmigaOS can’t support. The only limitations is the people numbers developing drivers and software for the platform.


Amiga 600Conclusion

Distrita invites anyone which likes to get a challenge and love our Amiga community. Yes, the community got its wars between the Classic AmigaOS 68k, MorphOS, AmigaOS 4 and AROS. But it is strugling to tell you that everything is here. On Aminet, and all of these camps have been gathered under one word which is Amiga and that’s what Amiga is in 2016.