For the first time in history, I can now reveal Amiga sale numbers by Commodore Germany thru Petro Taras Tyschtschenko book. He have revealed all of Commodore Amiga sales in Germany and made the official numbers public.

In this numbers, Petro reveals that Amiga 500 was the most sold computer with over 1 000 000 machines sold and that Amiga 600 which many thought would be far behind, came on a quite strong second place with over 193 000 thousands machines sold. It also reveals that Amiga 1200 is the third most sold Amiga machine in Germany with 95500 machines sold.  Amiga 4000 aint bad also with 11300 machines sold. Amiga 2000 also had good sales with over 124.000 machines sold.

Amiga600Commodore in Germany sold over 193 000 Amiga 600 machines!
The most interesting thing in these sale numbers is Amiga 600. This is the smallest Amiga ever made and one of the shortest living Amiga’s in history except for Amiga CDTV.  This little beast seems to have put Amiga higher on the sales list than I have thought. The Amiga 600 was at the time of its release described as a little beast with no power and no numeric keypad. The machine features a internal IDE connector and a PCMCIA slot. It also features a trapdoor slot with much more limits than the Amiga 1200 version. Also the machine have an internal TV modulator which makes it easier for connecting to old TV antennas. Rolling eyes for me… and a congratulation for such high number.

Here is the complete Amiga sales history by Commodore in Germany:

  • Amiga 500: 1 160 500 (Includes Amiga 500+ sales)
  • Amiga 600: 193 000
  • Amiga 2000: 124 500
  • Amiga 1200: 95 500
  • Amiga 500+: 79 500
  • Amiga 1000: 30 500
  • Amiga CD32: 25 000
  • Amiga CDTV: 25 800
  • Amiga 3000: 14 380 (Includes Amiga 3000T sales)
  • Amiga 4000: 11 300 (Includes Amiga 4000 030 sales)

All together, Amiga’s sold in Germany by Commodore: 1 680 480

Another interesting note in these numbers is that Amiga CDTV sold more than Amiga CD32 which was supposed to beat everything. Amiga CDTV was one of the shortest living Amiga also, but it beat Amiga CD32 in sales and came to this world as worlds first multimedia computer. Congratulation and today Amiga CDTV is a gem to have because of its HI-FI design. Also Amiga CDTV is the only Amiga to have MIDI which never got popular in AmigaWorld.

Petro Taras Tyschtschenko book