Amiga Racer
by Michael St Neitzel

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Amiga Racer menu theme Song
DJ Marauder Remix (K&K Project – Hour Glass)

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If you loved the Lotus games for Amiga, then Amiga Racer should be the next Racing game that you should get. Distrita wants to support coders that brings new life and energy to the Amiga platform.

This game is all made by Michael St Neitzel, who is a big fan of the original arcade Lotus games for Amiga by Gremlin. Now he is giving the Amiga community and many others a game that takes you back in time when racing games was all about the real arcade feeling. Amiga Racer aims at giving you the “Most Wanted” Arcade feeling both socially and for your own entertainment.


Amiga Racer v3.3a is now on-line. Everyone that got Amiga Racer, can update the game Live thru the game menu. Remember that you need to give a donation if you want full support! Then you can get more Cars, Tracks and more frequent updates. The keyfile will be sent to your e-mail, once donation have been accepted.

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