Ladies and Gentleman, AmigaTec is proud to announce that next version of Amiga Racer Collector’s Edition Elite is now out for all supported operating systems! Version 3.8 is out and You can Download the test version from Distrita Amiga Racer Support Page! or just scroll down on this News item.

New vehicles for Registered and Payed users
New vehicles in the game to drive: Opel Manta, Skoda Octavia, Harley-Davidson “Tri Glide”. And finally we have a working Online-Highscore (Leaderboard) for the tournament races! This new highscore menu comes fully animated with driving cars and fancy highscore soundtrack.

Updates to the game menu and more Lotus alike features
Several changes in the game menu: A new “Show Best Drivers” feature and improved graphics for the tournament button. The preview screen of the next tournament track to drive has been improved (in the manner of Lotus of course) and there has been a new screen added that tells you now why you failed a tournament track. If you want to have your Amiga Racer Collector’s Edition Elite shipped to your door (runs on Amiga OS4, MorphOS, Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Mac OS X, OpenPandora etc.) please visit

Watch the Amiga Racer developer Interview today!
Enjoy this update and enjoy your Weekend further with this amazing Amiga Racer update. Happy driving! And dont forget to see the Interview with Amiga Racer developer now at 22.00CET on AmitenTV!

Download Amiga Racer directly from here and do Support Amiga gaming development now by getting yourself a copy of Amiga Racer!
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