If you haven’t read our Amiga Racer page, then it is time to do so. Amiga Racer is a classic Lotus alike arcarde racer made for modern AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and Linux! Amiga Racer is also scheduled for Classic Amiga later on

Version 2.2 news

Michael have just implemented difficulty settings regarding new opponent cars. So you will not drive (as it was until now) just against green Sciroccos and blue Audis. It’s actually quite a lot of work. So he defined 4 Classes of cars (that play in the same liga) for each level. So currently there are 2 “key” cars and one slower car in each cathegory. Examples:

Easy: VW + Audi and Transporter.
Normal: Delorean + Lotus Esprit and Minicooper.
Hard: Porsche 911 + Nissan GTR and HSV Commodore
Expert: Koenigsegg + Still need to add and Shelby GT500

There is also bugfixes and other improvements. So go on and get the update!

Read more and Download Amiga Racer from Here