Amiga Classic The Chaos Engine Transformed
Antti Koponen made this with Blender and PyxelEdit.

The author of this project writes that this is a ridiculous idea. Why?.. Because he is bringing back the Amiga classic game The Chaos Engine into the 3D FPS world and that he Cherno got inspired by Antto Koponen which created this 3D GIF rotating image of a part of the game.

This ambitious person has just released an early alpha release of a Doom level that is based on a part in The Chaos Engine game in 3D. The pk level is a level where users can fully walk around in a small area of The Chaos Engine in 3D! It will be bigger, but for the moment only a fragment of The Chaos Engine is made. But our judgment is that This is not ridiculous Cherno!!! Not at all. What an amazing project this is and the screenshots (see below) looks really great.

The Chaos Engine to Doom 3D project is made for ZDOOM

ZDoom is a family of enhanced ports of the Doom engine for running on modern operating systems. It runs on Windows, Linux, and OS X, and adds new features not found in the games as originally published by id Software. And this is why Cherno could make his project come true. He reveals on the forum that he is using something that is called GZDoomBuilder. He uses it for making the real maps and ACS scripting for the game logic.

Amiga Classic The Chaos Engine Transformed
Awesome monsters and graphics in this The Chaos Engine 3D remake.

The weapons were all carefully modeled after their original sprites. Some graphics also had to be converted or even created from scratch he writes. The Chaos Engine for Amiga is a difficult game and so this Doom implementation of that game should have the same difficulty too.

He also jumps quickly into the limitations that the gameplay got. For now, people who is playing his doomsdaymachine0.1.pk3 map is getting blocked by water and mud. Players are also not being able to jump down from cliffs. But despite all of the excellent work that he has put into this project.

He also writes that he isn’t sure if he will continue. But we at Distrita and at our sister Amitopia Amiga Magazine hopes that all of his doubtless will be gone soon and that the issues will be erased once this project gets done someday. We hope!

Amiga Classic The Chaos Engine Transformed
The 3D Textures on the walls and on the objects is really well made.

Not confident enough to do more the developer states

Cherno seems to not have much confidence in creating more levels. The reason is because of the heavy work involved in the scripting part. All the ambushes and puzzle elements must be scripted. So, he doesn’t seem to be very positive for further development. Shrugz!

Maybe some of our Distrita or Amitopia Amiga Magazine readers can reach out to him? We really think that this project looks way to good to be abandoned! It’s not every day when you see a 3D FPS implementation of a 2D shooting game that is looking as it should. Also, we know that the Doom 3D engine is great.

Amiga Classic The Chaos Engine Transformed
Interesting weapon shooting effect.

What do you think of The Chaos Engine Doom engine? How can we encourage him to continue? Set up a Kickstarter?



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