On July 23rd, 1985, the world was introduced to the Amiga Computer. Commodore presented Amiga 1000, but it wasn’t until October 1985 that Commodore started to sell Amiga machines. By the end of the year, they had sold 35,000 machines. Amiga 1000 was the first and it was humongous expensive. It wasn’t until Amiga 500 was launched, that the Amiga brand and its popularity went up. Amiga 500 sold over 5 million units worldwide. Many bad decisions in the beginning of Commodore life affected the Amiga and was also the reason for Commodore bankrupcy in June 1994.

30 Years With Amiga

Now in summer 2015, there will be lots of celebrations taking places across the globe. This is because Amiga have survived. A-EON and MorphOS Team have been the drivers behind Amiga’s survival in 2015. They have made the Amiga community stronger and now its time to celebrate and put all the bad and turbulent years behind.

1) Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe: Amiga 30 Years – (www.amiga30.eu) 27th of June 2015
Amiga 30 Years Amsterdam
Let’s celebrate they Write on their website, and sure it will be one of the biggest in Europe!

If you grew up with Amiga come over to The Lighthouse in Amsterdam, June 27th, 2015. We’ll throw an event to revive history with a bunch of special guests that will blend with the crowd. We will take good care of all of you. It will be a great weekend.

Amsterdam Amiga 30 Years

How to get there?

Easiest way is to take Tram Line 26 to the end stop. Its just near the Ljburg station! Just walk less than 5 minutes and you should be there. Its just beside a restaurant called Dok 48.

Their address
The Lighthouse
Krijn Taconiskade 432
1087HW Amsterdam

2) Peterborough, United Kingdom, Europe: Amiga 30th Anniversary – (www.amiga30.co.uk) 2nd of August 2015
Amiga 30 United Kingdom
If you live in United Kingdom, there will be Anniversary Amiga celebration also. Here are some words from their site:

30 years ago, at the Lincoln Centre in New York, an incredible new computer system burst onto the world stage. Sporting incredible audio and graphical prowess, it put the rest of the computing world to shame. It would later become rightfully recognised as the world’s first multimedia computer system.

How to get there?

You need to find Marriott Hotel in Peterborough town. The location of the town is North of London. Its sort of in the middle of United Kingdom. The event is held Sunday, August 2, 2015 from 12:00 PM to 8:30 PM (BST)

Their address
Peterborough Business Park
PE2 6GB Lynch Wood
United Kingdom


Are you going to celebrate Amiga in 2015? Please send us a note to: post at distrita.com