Amiga celebrate its 30th Year in Amsterdam on 27th of June

In Amsterdam, Netherlands on 27th of June there will be a Amiga celebration. Many key persons from Commodore past life and A-EON CEO Trevor Dickson will attend.

So, if there is an Amiga event that everyone should attend just to support Amiga Users 30 years of commitment to the platform, its time to book tickets to the Amiga event in Europe!

There will also be events in USA, but this will become a huge thing in Europe.


Interesting people to attend:
Dave Haynie

Former Commodore engineer. Has seen it all. Responsible for electrical fires.

David Pleasance

Former general manager of Commodore UK Ltd. Mastermind behind the planned management buy-out.

RJ Mical

Had a significant hand in the creation of the Amiga. Has a beard too.

And many many more. Be sure to attend either you are Amiga user or have been an Amiga user in the past. This is the event to support one of worlds most succesfull machines to have survived because of worlds most committed community. Welcome!

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