Dragon sign by Dave HaynieEver since Amiga was introduced back in 1985, the community grew stronger and stronger. The machine got different user groups and got quite huge beyond USA borders where Commodore started up. Especially in Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Scandinavia and Spain.

On 27th of June, the Amiga legends RJ Mical, Dave Haynie and Petro Tyschtschenko came to the Amiga 30th Anniversary in Amsterdam, Europe. Chris Huelsbeck also came and even Trevor Dickinson from A-EON.

There are very few women using Amiga. So Distrita decided to do something different. We choose to interview the one that won the Amiga 2000 brought by Dave Haynie at the Amiga 30th event in Amsterdam. Her name is Li Ying and she agreed to answer our questions.

Let the questions be answered!

1) Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Li and I’m an outsourced software tester and scrum master in my daily life.

2) How is Amiga related to you?

When I was younger, I got interested in making music. On later age I grew a taste for chiptunes. When I was 22, a friend of mine brought me to a demoscene meeting, where I was told to get an Atari or Amiga if I was interested in making music myself. So i got an Amiga and an Atari ST.

3) How did you know about the Amiga event?

Saw it on facebook as suggested event!

4) What do you think of Amiga users?

Very nice and social people. Very smart and funny, great sense of humor :) but then again, those are just the ones I know and met during the event. There are probably bastards out there, so I hope they’ll just stay hidden in the shadows.

5) How was it to win the Amiga 2000 machine by Dave Haynie?

Exciting! Emotional! Lots of good memories! Amiga and Atari helped me to express myself and to make friends. (more questions after the picture)

Dave Haynie giving A2000 to Li Ying at the stage
Dave Haynie giving A2000 to Li Ying at the stage

6) What do you think of the Amiga 30th event in Amsterdam? Any special moments from it that you liked?

It was very nice and warm! Everbody was so kind. I liked the coffee too :) and there was so much to see! There were some people who explained to me how the AmigaOS works on a computer and the differences in hardware. I’m a user, not a technical person, so I never looked at the system from that view. Very interesting :)

I especially liked the inspirational ‘speech’ from RJ, Dave and Carl. They told us they aren’t special or extra smart or anything. They told us they are ordinary, like us. That they started chasing their dreams eventhough they were scared and insecure. But they made it. And we should try to follow our dreams as well and try to help others to achieve their dreams.

7) What programs do you remember most from the Amiga?

Audio Evolution.. It was supposed to be easy to use… I’m happy I didn’t throw my screen out of the window. I discovered it was just not the software that I needed to get what I wanted, so I switched to Med and got the tip for OctaMed.

Oh, and there was this game, Master Ninja. Really awesome!
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RJ Mical signing at Amiga 30th
RJ Mical signing a poster for a Amiga fan at Amiga 30th

8) What do you think of Amiga’s future and how is it possible to bring more emales to the platform?

I hope there will be a revival with new technologies and knowledge. I hope there will be a lot of fans who will chip in a few dollars or euros, so other fans can create new parts and new software. I don’t think it will die out. As long as there is the dream, there will be the software :)

I don’t know how to bring females to the platform. Some people use it and some don’t? I know a few girls that use the amiga, but don’t like to post or go to events. I mean, before the amiga 30 year event, no one from ‘the community’ knew I existed either. I think there are more out there like that.

9) Do you own an Amiga today?

Yes, the 2000! Lol. But also an Amiga 500. It is located somewhere in my home in a moving box.
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RJ Mical and Michal Bergseth side by side
RJ Mical and Michal Bergseth side by side

10) What other interests do you have? Anything regarding technology, lifestyle or anything?

Regarding to anything: I like starcraft 1 and gears of war :) and cats. Lots of cats.

Regarding to technology; I like gadgets to make my life easier. I just bought a ‘Nest’ system for my home.

Regarding to lifestyle; I’m also a pole dancer and I am interested in bringing old fashioned computer music and pole dance together. There will be an international pole art competition in the Netherlands this year, where I want to do a routine on Amiga or Atari music. So for now, my biggest interest is finding (or making!) the right music (on the Amiga 2000!), making a costume and train hard.

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Not only Li was the only female at Amiga 30th show, but I also managed to take a photo outside of two I know from Germany. Distrita met them at Amiga event in Augsburg which was really nice.

Amiga Females

Distrita choose to do this because we want to share that there are also females using Amiga and that on such special event it was really nice to see not only men.

Crowded Amiga Event in Amsterdam
Crowded Amiga Event in Amsterdam

More Amiga articles on Distrita now and then. Hope that you enjoy reading our more personal articles. We want to make Amiga news available for the masses somehow. Hope we succeed with that goal. Thanks for reading Distrita and we wishes Amiga all the best in the next 30 Years or even more! The ride have been bumpy but eventually the future will be brighter for every Amiga user.