Distrita Loves YouDistrita is progressing and we really have to thank all Americans, which love our site. The numbers is really striking compared to China, Germany and even Norway where the main Distrita team sits. Thanks to all of you supporting and visiting our site and we really appreciate that you love our independent news site.

The 5 most Read articles now is

1. Game of Thrones Season 5 watch Guide
2. World Biggest Chocolate easter Egg unveiled
3. Review: OSX vs MorphOS on PowerPC hardware
4. Porn shocking Debate in Norway
5. Worlds Best RPG Game is Skies of Arcardia

This tells us that we have hit peoples interest here and there. We have also managed to create a site that reflects today’s news from Norwegian media and from the world itself. We also see that there is lots of MorphOS and Amiga reading people. The review of OSX vs MorphOS have really become a hit, which we love to see. Why does Windows, Android and iOS need to get all of the attention in this world?

Thanks for reading Distrita and we really love all of our readers. From time to time I will post these reports so you know what people likes to read on our site. Please do contribute with news or articles: [email protected]