Have you ever dreamed of just walking into a store, scan that you enter and grab whatever you need without standing in endless queues? Amazon GO store concept which opened today on 22nd of January in Seattle, United States of America doesn’t have any cashiers at all. Here everything is controlled by sensors and cameras inside the store. Once you finish grabbing whatever you want to buy. Then when you leave the store, you get the receipt on your phone and you have to pay. Then you can continue your journey wherever you want to go. Interesting concept by Amazon for sure.

No Lines and No Checkouts at Amazon GO

Will Amazon GO turn grocery stores to stores without passion?

Once you make grocery stores where you don’t need to interact with anyone anymore. Then it feels like the passion for service will eventually be squeezed out. A concept like this works in all cities with million of citizens. But for smaller cities, we at Distrita think that this concept would be fatal. There is something about going to the store, getting the human touch and get out of the store with a smile because of nice service. There are stores where the service is bad, but then you can complain. Then the store listen and improves their service.

With such concept like this alive. You as a human will become a robot walking into the store and walking out. Less stress for sure yes and the concept would be fantastic for bigger airports, central train stations or harbors around the world where queues can be pain. Especially if you are in a hurry. But for bigger stores that really put food to their heart. They should have this as an option eventually.

Get everything you bought listed on your mobile phone

It is really nice to get everything listed of what you have taken from the store to your phone. No cashier can cheat you with this system. So,.. to be a concept for transit meeting places where people rush or walk fast to get to their destination. This concept will for sure make it much easier to travel.

Interesting concept! Amazon GO. For one year this store have been in beta for the Amazon workers only. But since 22nd of January 2017 it is now opened for everybody in Seattle, USA.


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