After releasing our articles about Amazon Go grocery stores. We got many comments to our mail about if it will come to San Francisco, Miami or even Denver. Some wanted it to come to New York too. But we didn’t have any information regarding where this new type of grocery chain would land next. This is just speculation for now.

Amazon Go is coming to New York

It is now clear that the next Amazon Go will be built in the financial district of New York. The store will be located inside Manhattans’ Brookfields Place. A shopping and office place across from where the World Trade Center was.

The company’s three existing Go stores come in different formats: its first Seattle location, for instance, sells sandwiches and salads along with packaged groceries and alcohol. Others trim the fat, with only prepared foods lining the shelves.

So, what the New York grocery store will have is a still unknown question.

Most popular in the business hours

The article also reveals that Amazon Go stores is open during office hours. Biggest income is during the lunchtime meals. But it will for sure increase those opening hours once the expansion of Amazon Go stores is complete by 2021. Amazon plans to have about 3000 stores by then.

If Amazon manages to be successful with Amazon Go or not is yet to be seen. Amazon must start to give these stores 24 hours opening hours. But not only that. The prices must also compete against cashier type of grocery stores. Also the fact that you get minimal help is something that not all of people that is getting older today will be comfortable with.

At least in 40-50 years to come. Amazon Go and other automatic types of stores will struggle. Then after that time, when older people knows about what technology can do since their birth. Then these type of automatic stores will be much much bigger in the future. Also, many people likes to meet cashiers and those which works in grocery stores. It’s more social for many.


What do you think about Amazon Go?
A concept where you need an app. Then goto the grocery store, take what you need and payments happens thru the phone without you needing to say hi or byebye to a cashier.



Source: Engadget