There are towns or places in Spain that many tourists like to visit that hides it’s transit options. Either they aren’t built as a tourist attraction or they simply goto places like Universities or other places not known for travelers. But in this little but interesting guide we take a look at unknown transit systems in Spain. If you know of more interesting places. Please write to us by using our Contact page.

Palma de Mallorca got a Tiny Metro Network opened in 2007

In the Mediterranean sea beside Barcelona there is a group of tropical islands that belongs to Spain and one of them is Mallorca. Here you find a city named Palma de Mallorca which with the surroundings got 401,270 in population. This city hides a Metro system that is quite new. For transit enthusiasts this small but very new Metro system is a nice visit.

Palma de Mallorca got two Metro Lines M1 and M2

M1 is the real Metro line. In fact its a more underground line with only one station on the surface named Son Sardinia. This one is also linked with the train line that runs between Palma de Mallorca and Sóller which is world’s oldest electrified train line.

Amazing Unknown Transit Systems Revealed in Spain

The M1 line got 9 stations and links the  enter of Palma de Mallorca with UIB University. The center station is named Placa d’Espanya and M1 shares 3 stations with M2. They are named Placa d’Espanya, Jacint Verdaguer and Son Costa – Son Fortesa. M2 is a Metro line that also shares tracks with the train lines going to Inca Sa Pobla Manacor. M2 runs between Placa d’Espanya and Marratxí.

It is really nice to see such big city have Metro lines. But with so many people living in this city. This city should have much more transit possibilities. There is plans to expand the Metro Palma de Mallorca to aeropuerto which is the main airport on Mallorca. Also the main station is a bit hard to find if you don’t know Spanish.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife on Canary Islands got a nice Tram Network opened in 2007

We are still jumping from island to island that belongs to Spain. So, now we have reached Tenerife, which is a island that is part of Canary Islands which belongs to Spain. Distrita have written about Santa Cruz de Tenerife that got about 360,000 in population in a nice tram review of Tranvia De Tenerife experience here.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife got two Tram Lines T1 and T2

T1 tram is the tram line that connects the outskirts city La Laguna (La Trinidad) with Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz de Tenerife and La Laguna is the two major Canary Islands cities in the northern Tenerife with much less touristic visitors. This tram network consists of 2 tram lines. They are operated by MetroTenerife which runs the tram lines T1 and T2.

Amazing Unknown Transit Systems Revealed in Spain

T1 is the longest line, while T2 is a very short line. T1 and T2 meets at ElCardonal and Hospital Universitario stations. La Laguna can be reached by taking T1 line which reaches La Trinidad station that is linked to La Laguna station. The Santa Cruz de Tenerife

By visiting this area of Tenerife, Distrita can guarantee that you will meet more locals than tourists. Distrita recommends you to visit these two towns and especially La Laguna! This is a beautiful Canary Islands city up in the mountains of Tenerife island. It sits not that far from the northern airport on the island also, but at the same time connected with Santa Cruz de Tenerife by Tranvia de Tenerife.

Parla outside of Madrid got a Unknown Tram Loop Line opened in 2007

In the southern part of Madrid, Spain. You’ll find a town named Parla which is also counted as a municipality of Madrid. The tram system here got 15 stations and it was opened in 2007.

Almost no tourists knows about it’s existence as there isn’t any info mentioned about it in this Wikipedia article that we found at the time of writing this article. You find this circle tram network  approximately 20km from Madrid. With a population of around 264,182 population, it is nice that this area finally got a transit option.

Amazing Unknown Transit Systems Revealed in Spain

You can reach the place with C4 local train that stops at Parla Centro Bulevar Norte.  The total length of this tram line is 8.2km and it runs in circle in both directions.

To get here you need a B2 Zone ticket that is valid in the area. Also you can use a regional travel pass. The tickets you have purchased is also compatible with the bus lines in Parla area.

If you know of more interesting places. Please write to us by using our Contact page. We have got many requests about unique transit cities and so we have made this guide for you. Like us! Share us! and thanks for reading Distrita.


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