The Russian Empire and Sovjet had Kazakhstan from 1867 to 1993. Almaty, which now got its first metro line operational was the nations capital until 1997, when the government moved its capital to their city called Astana.

Almaty (Alma Ata) has about 1.4 million inhabitants and needed something to ease on the traffic problems in the city. So, on 1st of December 2011 got their first metro line going from Alatau in west of the city to Raiymbek Batyr in the north which is the main railway station in Almaty city.

The section of line 1 finally opened in 2011, and the section which is opened is 7.6 km and includes 7 stations. The eastern part of the line runs north-south below Ul. Furmanova, and then turns west along Prospekt Abaya. Four out of seven stations are deep-level. The line is operated with seven 4-car trains, produced by Hyundai Rotem of South Korea.

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