Tranvia de Tenerife aka MetroTenerife on the island Tenerife which is part of the Canary Island has two lines that connect and interconnect the main attractions within the island’s metropolitan area between Santa Cruz and La Laguna. These two cities are now connected! Check out the Tram Tenerife service. Affordable it is!

Now you don’t need to take any expensive Taxi or Touristic bus in this area of the Tenerife island. Just buy cheap tickets and ride up and down. Don’t ever get stuck in the traffic in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. I have even written many positive articles about it. Also, the city had a tram driver championships.

Tranvía de Tenerife
Tranvía de Tenerife

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Line Details

Line 1 runs between the main public offices, cultural and educational centers, hospitals, and service and shopping areas of the two cities.

Line 2, runs at right angles to Line 1, connects the most densely populated areas of the two municipalities, La Cuesta, Taco, and Tincer.

These two lines will in the future be extended. Line 1 will reach the Norte Airport, while Line 2 will be extended to each of the sides. There are also plans for train lines that will reach several places on the islands, including the other airport that is located in the southern part of Tenerife. All info will be available here.

Tickets info You need when going with MetroTenerife

Metrotenerife offers a range of ticket types adapted to the needs of its customers and to the economic, social, and personal circumstances of each individual with discounts and personalized offers.

Tramway Solutions from Tranvia de Tenerife
Tramway Solutions from Tranvia de Tenerife

The tickets are available in two formats. It is available as a contactless card ten+ and as the digital app ten+móvil. Both of the systems makes it possible for you to travel by tram and bus all over the island. There is no cheaper alternative and if you think of the environment. You do wisely by choosing public transportation when visiting Tenerife.

Routes Info

Tickets Info

Nice stations that are compatible for everyone

The stops all have a uniform design, simple but well done, each with two multilingual ticket machines and an information board with a map and tram frequencies. As already mentioned, most of the platforms have island platforms, but some also have side platforms. In the case of the Príncipes de España, the island platform is actually part of a central Rambla (Esplanade).

The island platforms are generally accessible via ramps at both ends. The height of the platforms corresponds exactly to the tram floor. Thus, full accessibility has been achieved, although the steepness of some stops, especially the Conservatorio, may be a challenge for wheelchair users. What I appreciate is that the name of the stop is written in big letters on flag-similar boards, so that they are also easily recognizable for car drivers and thus serve as guidance. However, the M logo is not that convincing.

It means that if you go with public transportation on Tenerife. You can then save a lot of money. If you want the trip to be affordable then you should go public transportation here.

Auditorio de Tenerife
Auditorio de Tenerife

Including taking the tram. There are 4 other ways to get from Santa Cruz de Tenerife to La Laguna by bus, taxi, rideshare, or on your foot. With the tramway ride, the cost is from 1.50 Euro and up. There are daily tickets too that lets you travel all over the island which makes the visit quite affordable.