The Chinese fired today lunar year of the horse to welcome the goat, in a celebration that, despite its familiar character, also filled the streets of people, as well as parades, fairs and stage shows.

“Xin nian kuai le, xin nian kuai le!” (“Happy new year, happy new year!”) Shouted today fairground installed in the Temple of Earth, in the heart of Beijing, hundreds of visitors who attended one of the most typical quotes from Beijing on these dates.

The Spring Festival -the name that is known in China’s lunar New Year is primarily a family party, so brings about an exodus of hundreds million people is the largest population displacement in the world.

You will also welcome the new year parades, which are mainly in southern China, with folk dances such as the dragon, the best known and reproducing immigrant communities in half the world, and the lion, combination of dance and martial arts.