As we have posted this news item on our site, Alita Battle Angel has earned over $131,703,398 in China. Which means that the world can give a huge thanks to China that we all might get a sequel sooner than later. Even on the launch weekend, this movie managed to earn over $63,793,482!

Alita Battle Angel survives a lot because of Chinese audienceAlita ticket sales numbers increased in Norway

With a quite weak weekend start at nearly $370,337, because of a long run at the cinemas. The ticket sales nows are at $1,339,396 from 19th of March 2019. That is quite a nice boost for a country with only 5 million people. I think.

France earnings are at $16,373,432, South Korea at $16,391,313 while Russia is one of the most surprising at $12,204,818 which ain’t bad at all. Alita Battle Angel has really got the popularity it deserves outside of the USA where the movie income ended at $82,036,291.

The worldwide sales together are now at whooping $394,260,129. We really hope that people go out and see it in whatever district, city or country you are in. Not all of the cinemas have stopped to show Alita.

Alita Battle Angel survives a lot because of Chinese audienceAn extraordinary sci-fi movie that touches everyone

When people go to the cinema to watch this movie I was expecting to see people not liking it. Many had seen a little bit of the trailer and it did not really “speak” to me and Alita’s eyes were off-putting. When the movie had begun many was actually searching for things to dislike but surprisingly there were none apart from a few cringe-worthy moments. Most of the people quickly got used to Alita’s beautiful eyes and they became in fact likable. The story began to draw me in and I got completely absorbed into the story and the visuals.

The world is extraordinary and beautiful and the action scenes in this movie are fantastic, quite honestly some of the best people have seen. All work into making Iron City so lifelike is incredibly well made. The story is a bit fast paced but not to a degree that it feels rushed at all. Alita as a character is great, she is kind-hearted, innocent, naive and protective. Throughout the movie, Alita grows as a person and learns about sacrifice, loss, love and the horrors of the human mind. Alita is a very likable character because she is such a good person in such a horrible world and you can’t help feeling very sympathetic for an innocent being like her as she is exposed to the cruel world of Iron City.

Alita Battle Angel survives a lot because of Chinese audience

Most of the people watched this movie without knowing the source material and people got more and more in love with it. Resulting in many went back to see Alita over and over again. Personally, I was drawn into the movie very early on and had to watch it for more than just one time. I and Distrita website can definitely recommend this movie to anyone. You can read our complete review here.

Thanks to China for taking Alita Battle Angel to new heights. You’re its survivor!


Source: Box Office Mojo